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Fear Dot Com Review

Ok, first things first with this movie, it’s called Fear Dot Com yet the scary website is not called, it’s and that’s just stupid!


Fear Dot Com follows Mike, a detective who is hunting down a man who likes to post videos (supposedly live by how the movie showed it) on his website where he tortures young women.

But first. These young women, if the way he picks up the one we saw is anything to go by, are so stupid! This man walks up to this woman and says she’s gorgeous and she should be in a movie he’s making and to meet him somewhere because she should be a big actress. And guess what? She does! It’s those situations that are guaranteed to get you murdered so maybe you deserve it. Natural selection and all that. I don’t know but it was dumb.

Anyway. Mike is hunting this guy down but while he does this it turns out if you log into feardotcom it is able to know who you are and how you want to watch (whatever that means really), but if you do this it works out your biggest fear in some supernatural way and this woman (who was one of the early victims) will kill you with your fear. One girl dies from drowning, one from cockroaches etc.

But Mike and his partner Terry try to find out who this girl is that is causing these supernatural deaths and put a stop to it. Honestly, it was like two movies molded into one. I went in with the idea it was a killer vlogger type situation yet that was barely shown in the movie and more of a set up for the supernatural stuff that went on.

Anyway they stop the curse and everything works out in the end, yay. But I was very bored, and kind of confused, and just not enjoying myself. Show me the blood and the gore and the horror of this guy torturing these people and the detectives just having to watch it on the website and not knowing how to track him down. Make it a cat and mouse chase and make it exciting. Have one of the detectives kidnapped by the man and have her tortured too. Or him, that’d be a fun twist, imagine the cringe you could get from that. Make it more about the killer and less about the supernatural stuff because that’s all been done before.


Have there be copycat killers and that’s why these people are being found dead in random and mysterious ways. Have it so the killer is clever and is able to change the IP address to be the detective’s so now it looks like they’re the killer. There are so many possibilities and you chose to go down the supernatural route? For shame!

I think this movie has an excellent story idea with the killer and the website and maybe if that was developed more it could’ve been amazing but with the movie that we ended up with it was quite tame and boring and not interesting.

It’s a shame because Netflix really did market towards the killer element and the supernatural side was a complete surprise and just very unneeded. I would not recommend this movie

What did you think of Fear Dot Com?

Until next time.

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