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Malevolent Review

So this was one that Netflix recommended me and I honestly thought the story was quite interesting. A group of young adults go around pretending to rid scared families home’s of ghosts. And then of course it goes horribly wrong. Well much like that storyline, so does this movie.


The main two of the group are brother and sister Angela and Jackson. Their mother died and Angela still finds it hard without her, especially as it turns out the fake psychic powers Angela is showing off to clients are actually real and her mother had the same gift. They go to a big house in Scotland where the owner says she will pay the group double if she helps rid the spirits of three girls who died there.

As Angela is doing her thing she starts to see the spirits and realises their demise is a lot deeper than first meets the eye. The owner, Mrs Green, had a son, Herman and he was the one who killed the girls. Well tortured then killed, it was pretty brutal. After Mrs Green finds out Angela and the rest are somewhat faking she sets her son who is still alive and now a grown adult on them and seems to give them the same fate he gave to the poor girls. Mainly pulling teeth and sewing their mouths shut, what a glorious film.

But all hope is not lost and much like the end of Texas Chainsaw Angela manages to escape and hopefully find herself a proper job.


I enjoyed this movie, kind of. It was boring in places, dragged a lot, and a lot of it could’ve been cut out to get to the real excitement…but it was fun. It was interesting to see what happened to the spirits and seeing the ‘baddies’ get their comeuppance but in some ways I wish it was different.

I wish it was like a backwards tale where these young adults who con people are getting conned themselves and really it’s a sadistic torture porn where the girls did get murdered and now they want to murder again. It was quite fun seeing the ways in which the group did set up their activity and what this meant to the people they ‘helped’ but that was about it.

And in the end it became any other paranormal activity movie again and I was bored. It’s an easy premise and you can get some good jump scares from the sub genre but give me something more! Something new! Really the only good part was seeing the group almost escape and then not and not knowing whether it’s Mrs Green who is evil or whether it’s the spirits. Now that’s the sort of movie I would enjoy if those parts were spread out more and elaborated on.

What did you think of Malevolent?

Until next time.

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