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Most Likely To Die Review

Spoilers ahead.

I mean, it’s always going to be a weird movie when Perez Hilton is one of the actors….


Most Likely To Die follows a group of young adults who go to a friend’s house for a school reunion. They are obviously all grown up and things have changed but deep down they’re still the same old people. And one thing this group has in common is they all bullied a kid who they only called John Doe because they didn’t care about him at all and it eventually meant he brought a gun to school.

In the year book each of the characters have their own ‘most likely’ and that is how they die. One dies from a slit throat and is then covered in fairy lights ‘most likely to have her name in lights’ etc etc. But there’s more to this story as you don’t know who the killer is or why this is really going on. Until the ending that is.

Now that many characters have died it is revealed that DJ ‘most likely to have the last laugh’ had met up with the kid they bullied and saw how much it affected his life so he basically wanted to get his revenge. Can’t just pull some pranks huh? Nope got to be full on murder.

Of course John Doe is part of this too (or it’s implied) especially at the end when someone picks up the cap, gown and mask the murderer has been wearing throughout the entire film. Sequel? I think not.

But one thing I have to congratulate this movie on is its inventive way of killing. Yes the killer uses a knife and a gun and whatever but he also uses his cap to slit peoples throats or decapitate them. It’s interesting to watch and fun because it all ties back to the theme of a school reunion.


The characters are all believable if a bit annoying at times and even I fell for the stereotypical romance plot. It was cute to watch these characters interact and to be honest they weren’t the dumbest when it came to the killings either.

And finally. I mean it’s obvious that John Doe was probably part of the murders but watching the group turn on one another and question each other’s whereabouts etc. is so fascinating to watch and really has you questioning who really is the murderer too.

This is a very dumb horror movie but it’s also fun and one I can imagine would be enjoyable to watch with friends, especially with Halloween coming up. But I think it’s even more fun trying to work out what your ‘most likely’ would’ve been to.

What were you famous for in school?

Until next time.

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