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Killer Klowns From Outer Space Review

Now this was utterly fantastic! It’s a little scary, very slapstick and funny and it seems everything was thought through. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m amazed it took me so long to watch!


Killer Klowns from Outer Space follows, you guessed it, killer clowns from outer space. They come down in a small town and a couple, Mike and Debbie, see them land. But when they go to the crash site and find a circus tent things start getting a bit weird. Upon entering the tent there are lots of rooms, one is filled with cotton candy balloons and inside these are the bodies of killed people, the clowns like to eat them you see. The clowns also use balloons to make sniffer dogs to hunt down the pair and they have popcorn that sticks to you and grows into grotesque clown-flower things. It’s brilliantly weird.

Now of course, you hear killer clowns from outer space you aren’t going to believe it, but when I say these policemen are incompetent I mean on a different level. Of course they don’t believe them but the amount of uncaring when literally the whole town is talking about them is ridiculous.

And finally, the clowns themselves, well you could tell they were actors in masks etc. but they looked so grotesque it really worked for the whole feel of the movie. But at the same time it wasn’t too much. They weren’t disgusting or gorey, just a bit over the top and weird looking and more uncomfortable than anything. And the fact they spoke in their own language made the movie honestly even more believable and fun.


I can’t recommend this movie enough. It has its dull moments sure but the clowns totally blow it away. They’re funny, silly, and a little scary and honestly I’d love to explore their spaceship because it looks very interesting (even though I’m terrified of clowns in real life).

I feel this could even work as a family movie. Yes it’s a bit gross at times but the hilarity and the fun takes away the shock factor a lot and I think even young teenagers would enjoy and appreciate this movie. It may be 20 years old but that doesn’t really show and is still very enjoyable to watch.

Overall I love this film and if you’re looking for the perfect Halloween movie to watch with your family, then I think this is it!

What do you think of Killer Klowns from Outer Space?

Until next time.

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