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Hit And Run Review

What a stupid movie. What an absolutely ridiculous stupid movie. Is there logic to this? Is there point to this? I mean, this is going to be a bad review…


Hit and Run follows a girl who leaves a party where she’s been drinking during spring break and drives home.

And then gets involved in a hit and run. Shocking.

But the thing about this hit and run is she doesn’t hit him, immediately stop the car and freak out. No somehow she drives home with him on the car and only realises he’s there when she enters the garage and he’s lying in a pool of blood on her floor. Like what? Is that even possible? It’s either that or he was just chilling in her garage and she hit him but even that seems ridiculous.

So she buries the body in the woods and attempts to clean up her home and carry on with her life but the guilt becomes too much. She’s also an idiot and leaves the body wrapped in one of her blankets that is covered in DNA so needs to return to remove it. But, surprise surprise, the body is no longer there and the guy she hit starts to take his revenge.

He ties her to the front of her truck with fairy lights of all things and drives home. Yes, drives home. Where obviously his family see her and try to help but are killed before they can do anything. In the end she believes she has killed the man but it’s left up to the audience’s imaginations.

Noticed how I haven’t named the characters either? Yeah that’s how little I care for this film.


The storyline was just so dumb. Is it even possible to carry someone home when you get into a hit or run? Can that actually happen? I don’t want to google it because it’s a pretty grotesque image but still. The characters were very unlikeable, the man’s storyline of taking the girl back home with her tied to his car killed me off. I couldn’t stop laughing and that is not a reaction you want from a horror.

And finally, how was he not stopped while she was tied? We see his route and it’s not a quick five minutes. He even stops to get gas yet no one does anything! This town didn’t look too empty and they celebrated spring break there so surely there would be some people or even taxis around in the evening?

But nope. This movie was very unrealistic and very hard to watch with any excitement. I’m sure there are better movies with similar premises you can find elsewhere. Just don’t waste your time on this one.

Until next time.

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