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Hush Review

Wow, the premise for this movie! The beginning of this movie! The rest…of….this…movie? Yeah that’s where it drops off and it’s a huge shame because the creativity and excitement shown in the first half hour is awesome.


In Hush we follow Maddie a girl who has been deaf since she was young. She mainly communicates with sign language and text. Her neighbour, Sarah, whom she gets on well with is suddenly murdered in what seems to be an unprovoked attack. She runs to Maddie’s while being chased to try and get help but of course Maddie doesn’t hear her, and this makes the murderer very curious. He starts messing with Maddie and this ends up in the usual cat and mouse slasher style. But with Maddie being deaf there’s more to it than just that. Maddie has to use her knowledge of her home, her other senses, and at times it seems sheer luck to escape alive.

And that sounds awesome doesn’t it? Well it did start off awesome. The audience is introduced to Maddie very well including things she uses, like a flashing smoke alarm, to help her live a normal life. The fact that she also facetimes her friends and family and things could possibly be lurking in the background is a very tense moment. Especially when she’s sitting on her laptop and the murderer is directly behind her yet she has no idea.

But then the whole movie begins and it does get a bit repetitive. The murderer doesn’t actually enter the house for a while and is quite content playing with her so to speak. In the first half hour there were moments where we as the audience would almost be transported into Maddie so all sound would be lost and that was super exciting and really creepy but for much of the movie that didn’t happen.

Then there’s just the dumb moments. Like when Sarah’s husband returns home to find the strange man at Maddie’s. He knows something is up so goes to hit him with a rock but before he gets the chance to Maddie bangs on the window alerting Sarah’s husband and ultimately causing his death. If she had just stayed quiet she would’ve been out of there and in that scene her husband was in no harm up until that point. It was very frustrating and you know it was only added to keep the plot going.


Overall I did enjoy this movie although it didn’t keep my attention for a lot of it. The moments where we see Maddie using things around her to get by and even experiencing what Maddie experiences was fascinating and something so new and I really enjoyed it. It was like Don’t Breathe but the other way round and that movie definitely kept you on the edge of your seat.

I think given the choice I would watch this movie again but I definitely feel I would drop off at certain moments because they were just like any other slasher horror and had nothing new to offer. If we as the audience spent more time deaf or the actual murderer spent more time following his prey rather than playing with her I think it could’ve been a lot better.

What do you think of Hush?

Until next time.

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