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GBBO 2018 Review

Well wasn’t this a rollercoaster! I laughed, I cried, but most of all, I felt hungry. Very, very hungry.


Bake Off returned to our screen once more for the second time on Channel 4. New bakers entered the tent and were met with even more awesome challenges than last year including selfie biscuits, dips (for some reason or another, can they really judge them based on dips seeing as it’s a baking show?!) and even cooking on a wood fire. It was all kicking off and so were the contestants from Kim-Joys tears to Ruby’s toppling cake. I loved this series and I felt so much connection with the bakers and even in the early stages it was so hard to watch people go home.

But then the finale happened and Rahul was the winner. I was really happy for him and thought he truly deserved it. He has really pushed the boat out on a number of tasks.

But so did Kim-Joy.

Yes Kim-Joy was fab and to be honest I would’ve been happy if she had won too. She consistently pushed herself and made improvements where needed and her bubbly energy and lovely backstory really made me root for her.

But in the end, with Rahul crowned the victor, I was not sad or angry, I was happy and seeing him finally have some faith in himself and his ability was lovely. And the fact he just wanted to call his mum and let her know he had won was so pure and sweet I thought he was definitely the right person. Constantly through the show I thought his bakes looked delicious and very well made. I saw him a worthy winner.

And you may have noticed I haven’t mentioned Ruby. Well, for me, Ruby never stood out. She was good but she was quite messy and a bit all over the place and didn’t seem to be on the same level. I never expected her to get to the final and while her bakes were good they just didn’t have the same flare as the rest of them.


I feel now Bake Off is on Channel 4 for good it seems they’re really making it their own and bringing exciting new ideas to the table. It feels fresh and unique but still has the same joyful excitement that it did on the BBC. I adore Sandi and Noel but I do wish Paul would tone down the handshakes and maybe be a little less critical. If it’s constructive sure, but some of his comments just seemed to be mean.

What did you think of Bake Off 2018?

Until next time.

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