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The Ghost Monument Review

Wow, now who wasn’t excited to see the new TARDIS? I know I was, and oh yeah, the episode was good too.


The Doctor and her companions are transported accidentally at the end of the last episode to a random spot in space. They are picked up by two aliens competing in a intergalactic space race. They take the four to a planet where the final part of the race is to be completed. The Doctor of course is just looking for her TARDIS so stays on this planet as she has no way of getting off really.

Stuff happens and creepy cloaked beings are set up to try and stop the two champions. There’s also killer material scraps which is all a bit strange and possible set up to an overhanging storyline ‘the child of time’.

But soon enough the episode draws to a close with the Doctor finally finding her TARDIS, and wow what a beauty she is! The new style is very modern and fun but with hints of the older TARDIS’ too to not lose its look. There’s now more fun elements including a custard cream dispenser which to be honest I would love to have at work.

And the four jet off to their next adventure, hopefully home.


It’s a great little episode, it’s entertaining if a bit weird at times and the companions again really make their presence known.

The fact the Doctor is still so anti-weapons is fantastic to watch and a great message to kids, and the show hasn’t gone stale or too try-hard for me yet. Yes it wasn’t one of the best but not all episodes can be amazing now can they?

I am enjoying Jodie as the Doctor more and more and as the companions’ personalities continue to grow and shine through I’m excited to see what they bring to the table as well.

What did you think of The Ghost Monument?

Until next time.

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