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Bohemian Rhapsody Review

Wow, what a movie! If you need a pick me up in your life this is perfect. A true misfit underdog story with a somewhat happy ending. Well, the movie left you feeling good, Freddie’s actual end was anything but a fairytale but then that just adds to his legacy. Go watch it now!


Bohemian Rhapsody is a biopic of Queen and mainly Freddie Mercury. Freddie was often discriminated against for his race so when he found a band looking for a new singer and Freddie knowing how awesome his talent was it all started to fall into place. Small gigs turned into albums, albums turned into tours and tours turned into fame and glory.

But things weren’t always easy for Freddie or the band. Although Freddie was madly in love with a woman called Mary and even wanted to make her his wife he struggled with his sexuality and for the most part hid it away as if it was something to be ashamed of. I did like how when Mary tells Freddie that he is gay she doesn’t take offence or is rude about it but only says she is upset because it isn’t even his fault. Mary was a wonderful character.

And then, as many rock stars go, they turn to drugs and alcohol and sex to see through the days when they aren’t on stage and life gets a bit mundane and boring. Freddie always wants more and this comes at a price with his band mates etc. and then the fact that Freddie contracts AIDS from his many drunken nights and parties and lovers makes the whole story even more tragic.

But in the end, the last scene of the movie we see the band form once again to support Live Aid and wow was this a cinematic triumph!


All throughout this movie the cinematography and camera work was phenomenal and this just put the cherry on top. It was utterly gorgeous and as an amature filmmaker myself I couldn’t help but sit in awe at what an amazing feat this really was.

Although Freddie’s end wasn’t a happy one you can leave the movie theatre with the thought that this movie is an uplifting tale and leaves Queen on a high which I think was important. It’s good to remember the good times over the bad times and remember why Queen were and still are so special.

I also believe this film is wonderful because hopefully it’ll introduce a whole new generation to the music. Freddie died a few years before I was born so my only introduction to Queen was through my parents and drama school where the singing teacher loved using their songs. I also learnt a little from Glee but we don’t go there.

Overall I believe this movie was magical. It was fun, heartbreaking, heartwarming and the cast were phenomenal within their parts. Of course the songs were fantastic and learning the stories behind them was even more amazing. I can’t recommend this movie enough, it’s something I believe a lot of ages can enjoy and learn from and I believe Queen is definitely one band that should live on throughout the ages.

What did you think of Bohemian Rhapsody?

Until next time.

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