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The Haunting of Hill House Review – Spoiler Free!

Ok, so the hype around this tv show has been phenomenal, and there’s one reason: it’s so good! So here’s me trying to convince you to watch this tv show, because, to be honest you really should!


The Haunting of Hill House follows a family who have about the same amount of kids as the Kardashians. They move into a house named Hill House after its previous owners and look at doing it up and selling it on for more money. But the issue is this home is haunted and strange things begin to happen including scary apparitions and bumps in the night.

But that isn’t the whole story of the show. No we flip back and forth between present day and the past and see the family all grown up after the traumatic event that happened at Hill House and how they are dealing with that and each other. It’s a beautifully tragic tale full of mystery, horror, and even a bit of heartbreak which I did not see coming.


This show is absolutely amazing. Not only is it shot stunningly but the cast (yes even the kids) are fantastic actors, the storyline will keep you hooked from the first episode, and the scares are ridiculously scary. Believe me I watched 31 horrors for October and this took the prize for scariest horror I’ve seen so far! It’s intense but it’s amazing.

You really begin to care for the family and what they’re going through and as more and more is revealed you learn so much about this family you almost feel a part of them and that makes the whole sequence of events all the more tragic.

I cannot recommend this tv show enough. It took me completely by surprise and all I want to do now is talk about it, which I shall do in a spoiler review coming soon! All I can say is get ready for a lot of scares and possibly a few tears at the ending. And that’s all I’m giving away.

Oh and keep an eye out for the ghosts hidden in the background. It’s always terrifying when something can see you but you can’t see it right?

Until next time.

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