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The Punisher 2017 Review

Out of all the DC/Marvel TV shows the only one I watch is Legends of Tomorrow. But I enjoyed The Punisher movie so I had to give this a go. Is it as good as the movie? Oh not by a long shot, but is it a good TV show? Oh yes!


The Punisher continues to follow the story of Frank Castle who is still avenging the death of his family. But during his revenge he finds a conspiracy that runs deeper than his initial plan. He must now go after this conspiracy and avenge things much deeper than what was done to him and his family.

This show was intense. The levels of violence and gore is immense and it really echos what was originally shown in the movie. Nothing is held back and I believe that is the way these sorts of shows have to go. Can you imagine Deadpool without all the gore and the comedy? That’s the same with The Punisher. He punishes people, there needs to be blood.

My only issue with this show was that it didn’t keep me hooked the whole way through. A film runtime is much shorter than a TV show runtime and so I can see why I enjoyed and engaged more with the movie. Every part was relevant, there wasn’t a second of filler and everything got resolved pretty simply. In the TV show however it was not like that. There were moments that dragged and bits that I didn’t find exciting to watch. There was lots of talking and lots of buildup and after a while I did lose interest. I was here for the excitement and the violence and the action not the overhanging storyline that involved a lot of explanation.


In my opinion, if I was to only watch one of these again it would definitely be the film. The film kept me engaged, it kept me excited and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The TV show was good and I would recommend it but it wasn’t on the same level as the film and that’s a shame.

What did you think of The Punisher?

Until next time.

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