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Arachnids in the UK Review

I get this episode would be horrific if you hated spiders, but growing up with a tarantula it really didn’t faze me, what was really terrifying was corporate americans!


Finally we are back in our right time and year and Yaz is able to go home to her family. Graham is also able to go home but finds it hard as this is the first time he has been back since leaving with the Doctor after his wife Grace died. But there’s bigger worries at play as it turns out spiders have become mutated from a lab and are eating people. They are growing to humungous sizes and the Doctor needs to work out why and how to stop it.

This is quite a fun episode. It has the heartwarming moments of Grace and Graham as well as the scary moments of the spiders and the Doctor’s usually hilarity. I do feel Jodie is really playing the character well and definitely suites the Doctor’s whimsical side that we have seen before with David Tennant and Matt Smith.


But there’s a darker side to this story with the likes of Fake Trump who is happy building lavish hotels on top of landfill sites. It’s all about corporate greed and how we should help the environment by getting rid of our rubbish properly instead of just dumping it in a large hole. I can imagine this could go over some younger viewers heads but as an adult watching it’s quite funny to see the connections.

Overall this episode was good but wasn’t my favourite. It had you scared of the spiders then feel sorry for them when you really find out what’s going on. This is why you shouldn’t mess with nature! It was a bit of a filler episode and one of those that just cements the companions as the actual companions but I did love seeing Grace return in her ghostly form and how Graham is dealing with the grief of her passing. I can imagine this’d come up again in the future and could make for some very heartwarming viewing, especially between him and Ryan.

What did you think of Arachnids in the UK?

Until next time.

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