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Last Christmas Review

Is this a soppy little story of a needy man and his depressing demise or is it a story of a deranged young killer who knew exactly what she was doing the whole time? Who knows.

Last Christmas 4

Last Christmas is about a man, who we presume homeless or in a bad situation from his short monologue about his life, going around and robbing families on Christmas Eve. He gets to one home where a young girl catches him in the act and he has to prove he is really Santa. But Santa of course leaves up the chimney, and when you’re not the thinnest of people, and there’s a fireplace ready to be lit below you, well you can imagine the outcome.

This short film was well shot, looked good, and made a lot of sense. We got a lot of insight into the robber and what his life was and in a way we felt sorry for him. The little girl was, in most ways just a standard smart little girl who seemed to want to believe Santa really was visiting her and wanted to make sure everything was perfect in the execution (interesting choice of word there) of Christmas Eve with the mince pies and the sherry and of course the reindeer.

Or was that really her intention? Did she really know this man wasn’t who he said he was and knew the best way to get rid of him was to kill him? It sounds sadistic but her cries of happiness on Christmas day while her parents seem to realise what is slowly cooking in their chimney does not seem normal to me.


This is a funny short with a few twists and turns and definitely opens up a good discussion over what really happened. I also wouldn’t mind knowing more about the robber and his situation, and whether his life really was as bad as he made it seem. And maybe more on the little girl. Did we just see the beginnings of a serial killer? Maybe she’s a new Damien, I would definitely enjoy that!

It was an engaging movie that I think, if you’re not into the usual rom-com christmas types, would definitely suite you. Just make sure you check your chimney for robbers before lighting your fire this Christmas eh?

Until next time.

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