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Aldi Christmas Advert 2018 Review

In the weirdest way, and even though I’ve never shopped with them, Aldi may be my favourite Christmas ad. I love Kevin and his little adventures and every year it’s always so exciting to see where he ends up next.


This year his family has been stolen by a creepy old parsnip and Kevin has to cross a busy dinner table to save them. Of course he does and it’s all happy families and Santa even makes a quick appearance because, to be honest, it’s not Christmas without a teaspoon of Santa.

What I love about this advert is it tells the story. It doesn’t bash you over the head with Christmas but still fits all the Christmas cliches we know and love. The heroic carrot, the rhyme, the baddie, and some good old Christmas food and Santa. It’s a simple equation yet it works so well.


Whenever there’s a new Kevin the Carrot advert I have to give it a watch because I find it so fun. It’s almost like a soap opera for me and I don’t know whether that’s lame or not.

All I know is I enjoy watching Kevin’s escapades and he always leaves me with a warm and cosy feeling. Of course Aldi is also a fabulous shop to get things pretty cheap so I would also recommend shopping there for your Christmas food. Although don’t feel too bad when you start chopping up the carrots.

Watch the ad below and tell me what you think!

Until next time.


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