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John Lewis 2018 Christmas Ad Review

This is the one ad I think people still wait all year to watch. It’s the beginning of Christmas and usually is really good. This year however, for the first half of it I thought ‘eh?’ but then the second half I thought ‘aw’.


The John Lewis Christmas ad follows Elton John, why it follows Elton John I do not know. He is sat alone at his piano and reminiscing his life, and so we go on this journey too with him. We slowly go backwards through his life and the most memorable parts until we see a young Reginald Dwight come down his stairs on a cold Christmas morning to the present of a piano which he is beside himself in getting. It’s a very cute little ending and shows that sometimes a gift can mean so much more and can grow into something amazing.

So what’s the moral here? Nah don’t bother with toys, or make up, or vouchers, this year get your friends and family presents that they can use to better their lives and hopefully become famous. Although it was sweet that was all I could think of. Like nah, my budget is basically a tenner this year so you’ll be happy with your bath bombs and not at all upset you didn’t get that guitar that could’ve made you a rock star.


As John Lewis adverts go it wasn’t the worst but the hype and the excitement, like most years, meant an advert that would’ve been quite good for any other retailer wasn’t as good as it could’ve been.

While it didn’t give me the most Christmassy feeling in the world it was still a good ad and has opened up Elton John’s songs to me once more. Maybe I will go see his biopic next year after all….

Watch the ad below and tell me what you think!

Until next time.

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