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Boots Christmas Advert 2018 Review

Ok, when I first started watching this advert I thought ‘eh, ok’ but as the advert went on I thought ‘yeah alright….this was pretty good’. It may not be the most Christmassy but, especially for young girls, it’ll certainly give you that heartwarming feeling.


This advert follows a girl who is singing about her mum, about how she stops her doing things she enjoys and is a bit of an annoyance until she sees her singing in the choir by the town tree. She then realises how special her mum actually is and gets her a pretty sweet, but simple, gift of lipstick for Christmas to show off during her singing.

It was a cute advert and very relatable. It had small funny moments, heartwarming moments and ultimately made me want to treat the people around me more. I shop at Boots anyway for most of my toiletries and make up etc. but this advert definitely took my money and Boots will be my first point to look at presents for the female family members (and maybe some of the men too).


Overall I enjoyed this advert and it has definitely helped me get more into a Christmassy mood.

Watch it below and tell me what you think!

Until next time.

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