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Debenhams Christmas Advert 2018 Review

This advert was ridiculous! It was funny, smart, and no one can deny that awesome feeling of when they’ve found the perfect gift for someone.


There are many different scenarios to this advert and each follows the same premise: someone has got someone else a gift, they look and see what this person already owns (whether it’s a lot of candles and plants, a lot of red etc.) and sees that what they have got this person is the perfect present as it fits with everything they adore already.

In a weird way it kind of reminded me of those Panda adverts with the music cues. But of course those adverts were a lot more scary than Christmassy. This advert was fun, unexpected (when you watch it the first time) and insanely clever as it also shows the viewer that Debehams has all the perfect items needed to make your friend/boyfriend/family member happy this Christmas.


Overall, well done Debehams, you truly outdid yourself with this one and even though I know you can be a tad expensive I will definitely be checking out your selection of gifts for my family and friends.

Watch it below and tell me what you think!

Until next time.

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