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KFC Christmas Advert 2018 Review

Yes, it’s got to that point where I’m even reviewing the KFC adverts. But this one, as Christmas food ads go, wasn’t too bad. Just didn’t make me want to eat chicken.


This advert follows a confident young chicken on a walk through a snowy wasteland. You can tell from his stride and the music in the background he is not a chicken to be messed with. Then he comes face to face with a turkey…shock horror! He manages to scare the turkey off with just a few looks and we are then reminded that turkey is for Christmas but chicken is forever.

While I get this advert and the point it was trying to convey I still found it awkward. Like ah yes, look at how robust and strong this chicken is….then go eat one that has been killed at our restaurants. It just seemed a bit dark and gross.

A better advert in my opinion would’ve been a family stuck on the motorway or something from snow fall and they’re walking along following a ‘star’ in the distance. This star turns out to be a shining KFC logo and they enter the restaurant and enjoy a good Christmas feast of overpriced cheap ‘chicken’. Even bring back the Christmas burger if you feel like it.


That would’ve been much more Christmassy for me and would’ve had a reason as to why you may eat KFC around Christmas time. Showing me a living animal and then telling me to eat your food feels gross and I’d rather not be reminded that the food I am eating was once a living being that had thoughts and feelings much like myself.

It may not be the worst Christmas ad of the year but it was certainly the one that left the most uneasy feeling in my stomach.

Watch it below and tell me what you think!

Until next time.


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