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Tesco Christmas Advert 2018 Review

Now Tesco is always a bit of a controversial one as it tries to be very inclusive of everyone and a lot of people find this ‘unbritish’. I disagree, and that’s a whole rant I could go on with for days but instead, let’s get to the advert.


So again Tesco go down the everyone is welcome route where they show lots of different families and groups celebrating Christmas in their own ways. Not only does this make the viewer feel included in the festivities but also makes their traditions seem less weird.

Who cares if you want yorkshire puddings or not? Or if you want to spend all day taking selfies or not? Christmas is a time of togetherness and no matter how you spin it as long as you are being kind and considerate to one another that’s all that matters.


Who cares what background you have or where you come from. Christmas is a time for togetherness and I believe Tesco’s advert is the best at showing that. Yes it may seem PC to some but I do believe including everyone and showing how this day can be experienced in a thousand ways and each way is special is so important.

I really enjoyed this advert. It brings the magic of Christmas alive and certainly gets you excited for all the festive fun you’ll be having with whoever you spend it with.

Watch it below and tell me what you think!

Until next time.

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