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Argos Christmas Advert 2018 Review

Let’s be honest, Christmas doesn’t always have to be festive happiness, but when you’re mixing the Gremlins with play-doh it gets a bit creepy.


This advert was about Christmas Nasties who ruin your fun by messing things about and getting in your way etc. and the whole point of Argos’ delivery service etc. was to get rid of the Nasties and make Christmas easy.

This is definitely a mixed bag but mainly an advert for the adults. The kids can enjoy the weird gremlin-type beings but probably won’t understand the full message – I mean Santa still brings the presents right? Right?!

But it’s always good as an adult especially when you buy online that you know all your things will come in time and in a good condition so that everyone has the best Christmas ever. It’s quite simple, not the most memorable, and a bit too weird at times but hey, it gets the job done.

Does this entice me to shop at Argos? No, not at all, but hey at least they tried and maybe people who spend more time online shopping then actually going to the shops would be more interested in it, especially as Argos does a lot of toys for kids.

Watch the ad below and let me know what you think!

Until next time.

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