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The Tsuranga Conundrum Review

I understand people’s frustrations with this episode. It was dumb and weird and a bit ‘leftist’ if you really want to go there but, in my opinion, it was still fun and I enjoyed the weird/cute little creature. Even though he had the most uninventive name ever!

Doctor Who Series 11

The Doctor and her companions accidentally blow up while searching for scraps on a planet and end up on a hospital spaceship where they are being cared for. Here they meet a man who is pregnant and about to give birth, a female pilot who is having addrenaline problems, and the two doctors who are there to look after the patients. Oh and Doc Brown plays the pilot’s brother, Doc Brown, a comedian…in a serious role, no it didn’t fit right for me either.

But then their spaceship gets attacked by a little, almost adipose, sort of monster called the Pting, yes really, who doesn’t eat people but eats energy and is going around feasting on whatever is causing energy on the ship. This basically means unless the doctor can find a way to stop the monster he will eat the entire ship and they will float off into space and die. Lovely.


But of course she does save the day, as well as the pilot dying because you have to have a sad moment, and the man giving birth to a child he decides to name Avocado. Oh yes millennials, we’re catering to you this episode! There’s also a bit about Ryan learning about what his dad would’ve had to have gone through too and that’s quite a sweet moment but really it was a lot of forgettable nonsense.

The monster, although cute, wasn’t that impactful. The characters were quite two dimensional and really not much happened in this episode to forward the storyline and was mainly filler. Yes every tv show has filler episodes but with this season beginning on such a high taking such a nosedive is quite surprising.

What did you think of The Tsuranga Conundrum?

Until next time.

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