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Last Call Food Brawl Review

You know when you have nothing to watch on Netflix and you end up in those weird subcategories? Yeah, well this is where I found this, and I watched every single episode!

Destination America

Last Call Food Brawl is a competition in America where late night cooks go head to head to win the golden fryer. To do this they must create over the top ridiculous meals for people to eat after a night out of drinking. Yep there’s no McDonalds here – this is the real deal!

 Each episode is set in a new state and with new foods and delicacies. From deep fried cheese, to peanut butter and bacon, to three layers of nachos it’s every food lovers dream! 

This show is definitely one to watch when you have nothing else to watch and to give you some dinner inspiration. The cheese episode was my favourite. Piles and piles of cheese and macaroni and cheese and nachos and just yes! Perfection.


Warning: do not watch this show when you’re hungry! It will also make you very jealous of America if you don’t already live there.

I definitely recommend this show as a sort of ‘there’s nothing else to watch filler’. Just to see the extreme lengths these cooks go to win is insane and just writing about it now is making my mouth water! 

What’s your favourite late night snack?

 Until next time.


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