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Demons of the Punjab Review

Well first we had Rosa Parks, now we have the Punjab and the history of Pakistan. I especially found it very interesting as I knew nothing about this before so I certainly felt I learnt something from this episode.


Demons of the Punjab follows Yaz’s family, her grandmother, and how she was the first woman to marry in Pakistan and what this all meant. Although The Doctor doesn’t like interfering she allows the group to go back to those days where the divides were being created so Yaz could learn more about her past.

But people are being killed and these monsters known as demons are always seen by the bodies of the dead. The Doctor believes they are killers but really they are simply guardians of the dying who are by their side when no one else is. After all, it has to be horrible to die alone.

Yaz learns her grandmother’s tale is much more complicated than she first thought and full of heartbreak. It was a wonderful story where we learnt some history and this history was brought to life by the characters.


This episode was fantastic, from the actors to the story to even the monsters it all fit together so well. It showed that sometimes the real monsters are the people around us and I think that’s a good message to tell anyone.

What I found heartbreaking was that the ‘demons’ kept holograms of everyone they had seen die and there were a lot. It was quite horrible but also heartwarming knowing these people wouldn’t have to die frightened or alone but with a comforting hand….even if it is a bit scary to look at.

I like the angle this year’s Doctor Who is going with and I hope it can stay as good as it is. Each episode, mainly, goes from strength to strength and watching the characters change and grow is always a fun adventure.

What did you think of Demons of the Punjab?

Until next time.

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