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Kerblam! Review

Ok, I know it was Black Friday recently but wow did Doctor Who go in hard!


Kerblam! follows the team who go to a huge warehouse planet after receiving a parcel from them with a cryptic ‘help me’ message on it. This place is basically Amazon in 10 years time and ships all around the galaxy. The team get jobs there to try and find out who needs help and why. Oh and it also makes you fear bubble wrap, that’s going to be fun with all your Christmas shopping isn’t it?

I really enjoyed this episode, it was funny, creepy, and well paced. The characters we meet were all very interesting and there were lots of foreshadowing moments and subtle hints that you really only recognise after you’ve finished watching. The twist was clever and fun. The robots were pretty scary with their unblinking eyes and happy faces. Although I will mention the actors within these suits I felt didn’t pull off the best job. It was very clear to see they were just wearing masks as their movements were still very humanlike. If we could’ve made it a bit more rigid like the Mannequins in the first Rose episode that would’ve made it even better.


What I liked about this episode was that it was relevant to the world today and was relatable. I could easily see this becoming a thing in the future and it does make you wonder how will the planet cope with more introductions to robots and the ever expanding population?

I also liked all the little areas like the packing station etc. as I work in an office with a warehouse within it and it’s so fun when you have to go and help out picking products etc. Definitely made me laugh at how well done it all was.

Although, and like I saw on Twitter I could definitely see the similarities to Monsters Inc. Let’s just hope that was a coincidence eh?

And I will say again, I was pleasantly surprised at Lee Mack and how I did enjoy his character. I was worried for Graham too as he is a ‘big celebrity’ and I thought it’d be hard to lose myself to the fantasy but thankfully their parts have been so convincing I haven’t thought about The Chase once.

What did you think of Kerblam?

Until next time.

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