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F the Prom Review

You know a movie is going to be bad when it tries to be down with the kids. I have never felt more uncomfortable in all my life.


F the Prom is about a guy, Cole, who isn’t the coolest kid in school, but he has a crush on the popular girl and long time friend Maddy. Maddy is best friends with a girl called Marissa but, as they’re the popular girls, Marissa back stabs Maddy and Maddy goes to Cole for companionship.

Cole decides they should take their revenge on his bad school years at the prom and finds a bunch of people who also want to be included in the plan as they too have had awful school years.

But of course things don’t go to plan and stuff changes and blah blah, does it even matter? This movie was trash, do not watch it.

So anyway, actually reviewing the movie, it was bad, and I mean cringey bad. You can tell this was written by people who are far too out of touch with the younger generations and should just stop. There were lots of slang words used awkwardly, adults trying to be cool with the kids, and even the kids felt like they were old people reciting lines of dialogue they didn’t fully understand. But I think the worst part was that this movie was made for kids so it wasn’t even doing it in a parody way, it was meant to be a cool, hip, fun movie for the target audience and to me anyway it was anything but.


I think producers, writers, whoever need to stick to what they know. Sometimes it can be good to branch out but when it seems you know nothing or very little of your subject matter it’s never going to work out. At least do your research and don’t just think it’ll work out because you saw that Spongebob meme on your Twitter feed once and so if we add that in that’s cool. That’s not how the internet or young people work and, even me at 23 I know I’m out of the loop too.

Look back on movies like Mean Girls and Clueless. These are fab teen movies because they understood what they were talking about. F the Prom, more like f this movie, it’s tacky and I would never recommend it.

Until next time.

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