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The Incredibles 2 Review

Find me a person that didn’t love The Incredibles when it first came out. It’s fast paced, fun, a little rude, and has an overall amazing cast. So 14 years later we are finally blessed with a sequel…and I adored it.


In The Incredibles 2 roles are switched when a brother/sister corporate duo get hold of Elasti-girl and ask if she wants to make heroes great again (basically). She obliges and joins them fighting crime around the city in her old suit while Mr Incredible has to stay home and take care of the three kids. My only qualm with this storyline was it was very easy from the start to tell who the bad guy was and that did make it fall flat for me.

But my favourite part wasn’t the crime fighting and the action, it was actually seeing the family dynamic and all of Jack-Jack’s moments. Jack-Jack utterly stole the show for me. He was funny, adorable, and had so much character despite not being able to talk. Him and Edna are an iconic duo and I would quite happily watch a movie with just those two in it.


Edna was hilarious, as always, and although her part was very short it left a lasting impression. I honestly can’t remember much more in this movie than the fight scene at the end, Edna’s scene and the scene with the racoon (that featured Jack-Jack).

Overall I do believe I think I prefer this movie to the original. There was more laughs in it for me and more fun. The original was great as it was a good Disney movie while also being a good parody of action movies like James Bond and the Avengers. But if I were to re-watch just one of them, it’d have to be the second.

What did you think of the Incredibles 2?

Until next time.

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