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Old People’s Home for Four Year Olds: Christmas 2018

Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds definitely tugs on your heart strings. So you mix Christmas into it, dear me, I was bawling my eyes out!


The youngsters return to the old folks home one last time for Christmas and to put on a special concert. It was absolutely wonderful seeing them reunite and seeing how the older people have kept their confidence and spirit since the children had left.

This show also had good messages for the ones watching including giving to the less fortunate and not leaving people out. It was lovely to see some other older people get invited to the Christmas party who didn’t have anyone else. It especially touched me when Joan, a pensioner who lives alone with cat, said she just wanted company and would even pay for petrol just to have someone to spend time with. It is horrific to think there’s people out there who have just been forgotten or who have no one left.

This show definitely highlights how Christmas can change and have different meanings as you get older and how you shouldn’t take the people around you for granted or be selfish. We should all spend more time with the ones we love and care about as you never know when they may be gone or when you may never see them again. It certainly put my life into perspective and has also got me very excited for Christmas.


One thing I noticed from this show and from the older people which I think is important is take pictures, take videos. These things will be the only things you may have when the people in them are gone for good, your own memory might even give out on you. So this Christmas I plan to fill my days with pictures with my family because these are the moments we should cherish and the ones we want to show off one day to our future generations.

If you get a chance do watch this show but be prepared for a lot of tears!

Until next time.

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