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The Undateables: A Festive Proposal Review

The Undateables has to be one of my favourite programmes because it’s so sweet and makes your heart feel warm. Through in some Christmas cheer and I definitely had a tear or two in my eye.


The Undateables returned with a Christmas special where Daniel, the old favourite, wants to propose to his girlfriend. He does it in one of the sweetest ways and just seeing them both so happy was so heartwarming and lovely.

Alongside this we also revisited Ray and his girlfriend, as well as some singletons and David who is definitely the Scrooge (but I do wish I had his haggling skills).

All in all this was an absolutely lovely special which really makes you think about what’s important at Christmas time and who you really want to spend it with.


This Christmas will be the first Christmas in a few years I actually spend with my family and while a boyfriend to keep me warm on the cold nights would be nice I wouldn’t ask for better company.

This is definitely one of those Christmas shows you need to watch to really make you feel happy.

Merry Christmas!

Until next time.


  1. Hey Shona. Merry Christmas. I loved reading this post it really shows the spirit of Christmas in the sense that everyone can find happiness if you get out there and look for it.

    Love And Best Wishes
    Gayle X


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