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How to Stay Motivated – Film and TV Reviewing

A while back someone asked me on Twitter how I got the motivation to write all my reviews, and while I should’ve got back to them a while ago, I thought it was high time I responded.

In case you didn’t know I post a new review every weekday at 7am and then schedule tweets (5 to be exact) throughout the day to promote the post. The review also gets promoted automatically to my Facebook page, LinkedIn, and Google+.

But, and although I do enjoy keeping a schedule as it makes sure my readers know when to find something new, I don’t beat myself up if I don’t manage to get a review out in time or whatever. Life has to come first and whether I’m busy at work or seeing friends sometimes your website has to take a backseat, after all it’s just a hobby and that needs to be remembered.


So my tips for getting the motivation (and keeping up a website):

Enjoy what you write about.

There’s nothing worse than not enjoying yourself and if you’re not getting much back from it bar some nice comments and a like it can be hard to find reasons to keep going. I started my website doing a bit of everything but found the one thing I really cared about was film and TV and that’s why I only write about that now. While some of my older posts do really well still (mainly my ‘Bath Bomb Dyed my Hair?!’ review) I am glad I only write about film and TV because it’s really where my passion is and if I didn’t write about it I’d be sad as it gives me an outlet to express my thoughts and opinions without chewing someone’s ear off.

Review everything

Yes, seriously. Even those things you don’t think anyone will care about (oh hey Last Call Food Brawl). There will always be someone who will want to read about it and even if it may not get you many views or whatever it means you still have something to post that day and posting something is usually better for engagement than not posting at all.

This brings me onto my next point:

Say yes

There have been plenty of movies and TV shows I’d never watch but only did because I knew I could review it and the person I was watching it with wanted to watch it themselves. And sometimes I’d find I actually really enjoyed it (see The Punisher).

Be honest

I once wrote a review for The Last Jedi which someone described as ‘wetter than a soggy biscuit’ and I couldn’t disagree with them because it was. I tried to make it out like I enjoyed The Last Jedi when I really didn’t. I wasn’t being true to myself and people could see that. Whereas when I slated Black Panther I was being completely honest and others were happy with this and some even agreed. If you’re not honest in your writing your readers will not connect with you and won’t know if what you’re selling them is really worth their time. Sometimes my most hated reviews have done the best in terms of numbers (Jason Bourne).

Bulk write

I always find it easier to just sit down in front of my laptop and write and write and write until I’m done. It’s easier and it means you don’t have to stop and start and try and get that motivation back again. I write as much as I can and always give myself an afternoon or an evening to really get everything I’m thinking and feeling out.

Schedule for the week

I find it easier to schedule a week ahead on a Sunday. I sit down again, go through the reviews I have finished and schedule them in a way I think my readers will like. Doing this in one evening is again very easy to just plow through and not have to try and fit it in elsewhere.

And finally…don’t stress. You may not get a review out on a Tuesday or you may only do 3 posts a week, whatever works for you is absolutely fine. A blog/website whatever you want to call it is a place for fun and freedom, somewhere to express yourself and enjoy, not worry over numbers and how you missed a deadline that you only set yourself. The main point is to enjoy it so then your readers will enjoy what you write. This is your space and you’re in charge of it so do what you will and make sure you’re happy. Take a break if you need to. Change it up if that helps, it’s your space and no one should tell you how to run it.

I hope this helps and I look forward to seeing what amazing things you write in the future!

Until next time.

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