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Bandersnatch Review

I wrote a review a few weeks back talking about Interactive Netflix. Well the day came where the special Black Mirror episode was released, and I loved it!


Bandersnatch works surprisingly well as a create-your-own-story show because it was very meta. It often joked around with the idea of characters making wrong choices and how they wish they could go back and change their mind etc. it even added in funny storylines like the Netflix one where you literally tell the character about Netflix in the future and then go to his therapist where she attacks you before it’s all revealed it’s on one big set.

I didn’t find the dead ends annoying or even having to go back to try a new path. There were some inconsistencies, especially with Colin, but again this was explained away in the dialogue so you accepted it.

I just relish in the thought that so many people would’ve played along and so many of us would’ve made choices that would’ve completely changed the show. I managed to get two of the endings and both times they were very inventive and interesting. I even found some choices quite stressful and the swelling of the countdown noise in the background really got my heart racing.


Although it’s not something I would watch like a tv series etc. it was still a very enjoyable change to normal TV and the way we watch. I don’t think it would’ve worked as well in any other way or with any other storyline. Putting the whole choices thing in the actual show as well as letting us the viewer make choices that really at the end of the day didn’t matter was so meta and creative. I would’ve loved to have seen the thought process that put this all together.

All in all I thoroughly recommend Bandersnatch and I want to know what endings you discovered.

Until next time.

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