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The Apprentice 2018 Review

Who knew one of the dirtiest shows on television this year would be The Apprentice? Flirty Santa chocolates anyone?


The Apprentice saw a lot of highs and lows in 2018, from very sexual nut milk campaigns to awful acting and someone breaking their arm during an arm wrestle (I mean what?!) but through it all, it was fun. Weird yes. Very poor candidates not fit for £250k yes. But overall…fun.

So did Sugar make the right decision? His choice was between nut milk in small grab and go bottles or designer bikinis that offer tailor made fitting and perfect sizing.

Now, I don’t know if the bikini business will take off because I can imagine, especially if you had a few hundred orders, making everything to size is going to be a momentous task where you will need a ridiculous amount of fabric ready just in case and really high-level seamstresses.

But, in the other corner, the nut milk industry may be booming but it’d be so easy for other brands that are more well known to copy your idea. It would last for a while but if your £4 500ml bottle of salted caramel nut milk is sat next to Alpro’s £2.50 500ml bottle of nut milk I know which I’d choose. Is anyone else starting to find the words nut milk grossly weird?

I also didn’t believe the candidates were that good. You want to invest in somebody and you want to make sure that somebody has a brain in their head full of business ideas and realistic goals. None of the group seemed to be that intelligent in growing a business, bar one but she got kicked out because old Sugar wanted to make a business not chuck money at one that’s already doing fabulously. Plus all the candidates were so young! How are they paying their bills when they only make a few £1000 a year?!


Anyway I digress, while The Apprentice is a fascinating show to watch maybe a few more clever people would be handy in making the investment not look like such a joke? Keep the idiots sure, everyone remembers Daniel and his boats, but make sure you’re investing in something that will sell and will continue to sell.

I guess we’ll see how the bikinis are looking in two years…

Until next time.

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