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Skin Wars Review

This was recommended to me again and again by Netflix and finally I sat down to give it a go, and I loved it!


Skin Wars is much like Drag Race and other competition shows where body paint artists come together to battle it out to win a lot of money and glory. Each episode follows a different type of body paint and you also get to know the competitors quite well and see how they work together (or hate each other).

These different types of body painting include camouflage, painted clothes, ying yang style paintings, and many more. It’s very interesting to see how the painters grow and change throughout the process and how they use not only paint but other things including prosthetics to really bring their art to life.


It’s an easy show to watch and quite amazing to see how talented these painters are. It’s definitely one of those shows you could easily binge watch because you get so invested.

I would definitely recommend it for anyone even if they aren’t interested in body paint as it is so amazing to see what these painter’s come up with.

What do you think of Skin Wars?

Until next time.

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