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This Country Season One Review

For the longest time people spoke highly about this show yet I had never got around to watching it. Well, after plans fell through and I felt I needed a laugh, I gave it a go…and binge watched it in one evening.


This Country is a mockumentary following a small Cotswold town (that is actually very near to where I live). We mainly follow cousins Kerry and Kurtan who have lived in the village their whole life and don’t currently have jobs. They’re a bit dimwitted and weird but they’re fabulous. I really do feel they capture the country life and each character in the show I could easily compare to someone in my actual life.

Each episode can stand alone but you can also watch it from start to finish and follow a good storyline. The first episode started the season off with a bang with the Scarecrow Festival and how it’s all about winning the best scarecrow, not actually about a day out with the family. This resonated a lot with me as I spent practically every summer with my grandparents at, at least one scarecrow event and even now I see a sign for a scarecrow show and I need to go. It’s standard country living that you don’t realise how mad it actually is until you see it dramatised on TV.

Another moment that killed me off was the Duck Race. Every year my town has a Duck Race and the whole town comes out to watch the ducks go down the river and hope their’s will be the winner. It’s so strange and I really don’t get it but it’s fabulous nonetheless. It’s one of those traditions that you don’t really understand but you know you would miss if it didn’t happen.

And finally, the last episode were Kurtan is thinking of going to Swindon college. The amount I could relate to this show was ridiculous. Where I’m from, if you didn’t stay for sixth form, the only options you really had were Chippenham or Swindon so watching Kurtan thinking that the Swindon lot seemed too stuck up etc. was just too hilarious.


I adore this show and I really do recommend it. Not only is it a pretty convincing documentary with its very true facts (not sure about the percentages but the point behind them still stands) and the characters you watch are both hilarious and believable. Don’t worry if you don’t come from the West country either. I’m sure, even though I can relate to it a lot, you will still enjoy taking the mick out of us all the same.

What do you think of This Country?

Until next time.

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