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Resolution Review

Honestly, I don’t think I could ever eat calamari again!


The Daleks are back and more naked than ever! Hidden away in the depths of north England a Dalek has been waiting centuries to finally be awoken again when its guardian’s remains are uncovered. This Dalek latching himself onto humans, much like the beetle seen on Donna’s back in ‘Turn Left’, and controls them to do his bidding seeing as he doesn’t have hands or thumbs of his own. Soon in a scrap yard the iconic Dalek look is realised once again and we are left quaking in our boots at what this robot will do.

Well, be destroyed by a microwave apparently. And while this was the main ridiculous moment of the episode for most it wasn’t for me. What I didn’t understand was that there were two more Dalek bits we were seen reacting to the England Dalek awakening, so what happened with them? Did they also come back or did they stay in their shallow graves and not do anything? I was very confused and this did annoy me quite a bit.


The whole story however was very fascinating and breathed new life into a very old nemesis. The Daleks have become quite a bit of a joke in recent years so to once again be quite terrified and disgusted by them was just what we needed.

I also enjoyed how this was set on New Year instead of Christmas as it gave the story a different route to go down and felt fresh. And the jokes about the wifi going down and how that’s so sick and twisted because everyone’s hungover and it’s all that’ll get them through the day was as funny as it was true.

I really enjoyed this episode and I hope if the new cast and team can bring new life into the Daleks they can also resurrected some other long forgotten foes who were also just as terrifying.

What did you think of Resolution?

Until next time.

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