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All Stars 3 Review

I mean, what else am I supposed to watch between Drag Race seasons? Other shows? Pah!


All Stars brings back some of the queens from earlier seasons who may have been booted out too early or not have reached their full potential yet. The only difference on this show however is Ru doesn’t vote the queens out each episode, but the winning queen gets to choose the one who has to leave. It’s a pretty hard task to do but at the same time they get money each episode for winning so who cares!

This season had some fabulous queens including Trixie Mattel, Morgan McMichaels, and BenDeLaCreme to name a few. It also featured BeBe Zahara Benet who won the first season (but she got to come back because that season was very meh….a lot has changed in ten years) but come on, she was never going to win! She already had her crown do you think these girls would let her have another?

And the other queen, the one I thought could’ve won it if she was more likeable with the others was Shangela. Yes she’s very annoying but she’s also quite poised and talented and knows her strengths. I thought she was fab and the amount of tasks she won and her lip syncs were on point.

But alas, due to the fact (in my opinion) that she wasn’t the most likeable queen she was given the bronze and Trixie Mattel was the winner!


Honestly, I am not the biggest fan of Trixie because she kind of scares me. The amount of makeup she has on her face, although her style, seems a bit over the top for me and I don’t like the fact you can barely see her eyes. I’m a big reader of finding emotions on the face when talking to people and I feel she hides that away a lot.

But as a queen she was funny, sweet, smart and knew her game plan. I feel Trixie, Ben, and Shangela were the standouts this seasons and if any of those would’ve won I would’ve been ok with it.

What did you think of All Stars 3?

Until next time.

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