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Step Brothers Review

This may be a horrible opinion and I apologise early on but, I didn’t really get this movie.


Step Brothers follows two men whose parents marry and so they become step brothers. But this isn’t your usual coming of age teen drama sort of movie, no, these men are early 40s, layabouts and still live at home. They basically act like teenagers while looking like they’re hitting a mid life crisis.

And I get it. It’s an interesting and different concept. It does have its funny moments and of course follows the usual storyline that most movies do, where something changes in a person’s life, something bad happens which changes their viewpoint and in the end all is well. It’s simple stuff and not exactly groundbreaking but funny nonetheless.

But that’s about it for me. Maybe I’m watching it for the first time at the wrong time or maybe most people have some hard nostalgia goggles but I just didn’t find it as amazing as others made it out to be. It’s a good movie, sure, very quotable and easy to watch but it wasn’t the hilariously over the top thrill ride I was expecting.

Step Brothers - 2008

The only USP this movie had was that it was two grown men in this situation and if it was done any other way it wouldn’t have worked at all and would’ve been too cliche. Like yeah, it’s ok, but that’s it.

Maybe it was overhyped, maybe I expected too much, but in the end I wouldn’t watch this again alone but maybe watching with others would make the film more enjoyable.

I’ll stick to other Will Ferrell movies instead I think.

Until next time.

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