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All Stars 4 Review

This may be the most excited I’ve been for an All Stars season! This season included some of my most loved queens and I couldn’t wait to see how they would work with each other, and against each other. Shame this season was completely ruined by the ending.


This season of All Stars bought back some of the fiercest competitors including Valentina, Farrah Moan, Trinity the Tuck (previously Trinity Taylor) and many more. One of the top gags of the season was the fact that Latrice Royale was back and if you know anything you know she is a God among queens.

So, throughout this show, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The dynamic was great, the challenges was fun, and watching a queen go home every week when you loved practically all of them was heartbreaking. But then came the first ridiculous moment of the season: when the kicked out queens could come back and lip sync against the remaining queens to see who deserves to continue in the competition.

Now I saw through this immediately. Latrice had just been voted off and it was clear that would cause uproar so Ru, or the producers, whoever, made the decision to give Latrice the chance to come back, which of course she does. It was clear none of the other kicked out queens were going to come back and it felt very forced and weird.

But then we come to the ending. And oh my god this was an absolute piece of garbage! In the end the winner is decided and both Trinity and Monet X Change won.

Now let me explain why this is ridiculous.


The editing on the winner being announced was atrocious. It was worse than some of the short films I made in uni (and believe you and me girl they’re horrific). It felt very rushed and not thought through, but I will admit if we were just going off the final lip sync Monet definitely deserved the crown.

But a reason that many people flocked to Twitter to complain about was how they believed they only let Monet win too so it wouldn’t be an all white all star winners board. I get that, but shouldn’t the person worthy of the crown win regardless of race? It may not be the best thing and yes of course people will always disagree with the choices but that’s how I think it should be played out. And in my opinion I do believe, based on the final lip sync, that Monet did deserve to win because she killed it.

Overall I was super excited for this season and was bitterly disappointed. The actual season was good but that final left a sour taste in my mouth.

Hopefully it can be rectified before the next one.

What did you think of All Stars 4?

Until next time.

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