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All Stars 2 Review

Wow there was drama this season! Did the winner really deserve it? I mean, she’s talented, but after that melt down it did taint her slightly.


All Stars brings back some of the queens from earlier seasons who may have been booted out too early or not have reached their full potential yet. The only difference on this show however is Ru doesn’t vote the queens out each episode, but the winning lip sync queen gets to choose the one who has to leave. It’s a pretty hard task to do but at the same time they get money each episode for winning so who cares!

This season had one of my favourite casts, I knew from the first episode it was going to be very catty and very over the top and I was here for it! This season included greats such as Alaska, Detox, Katya, Alyssa Edwards, Tatianna and Phi Phi O’Hara just to name a few. Now you hear the names Alyssa and Phi Phi you know there’s going to be drama!

Now the first drama was Adore Delano quitting very early on due to the fact she didn’t feel she belonged and she had bad blood with Michelle. I got that, her drag was very punky and rock-like and it seemed on the show you needed to be more poised and elegant, more feminine, and very versatile. It takes a lot of boxes to be ticked to become an all star.

So anyway, as I expected there was a lot of drama with Phi Phi being her usual *charming* self, Alyssa getting on the wrong side of people and Alaska having her full break down and offering money to be able to stay. Bribes never look good on anybody sweetie!


But in the end, and despite her slightly immature behaviour, Alaska won and I do feel she deserved it. She put in a lot of effort and she knew exactly what she was doing. Yes she had a few stumbles here and there but she always pulled it back and made the stage her own.

I wouldn’t have been mad if Alyssa won too but I felt she wasn’t as liked as some of the other queens and that’s why she was voted off. It was a shame as she went above and beyond in many of the challenges and her Herstory of the World performance was ridiculous I absolutely loved it.

What did you think of All Stars 2?

Until next time.

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