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Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon? Review

If anyone knows me they know I love a good conspiracy theory, so when this documentary was suggested to me by Netflix I knew I had to watch it.

The moon landings have been a long standing conspiracy with the fact that many people believe we never actually made it and instead faked the whole thing just so the US could beat Russia. There was speculation Russia was going to use the moon as a weapon so it was paramount this didn’t happen. Well we’ve all seen the footage, but where does the conspiracy come into it?


Well many believe there is lots of evidence to support the idea we didn’t make it. For example, the flag waving when there is no wind on the moon, the fact the shadows trail off in different directions when the only light source would’ve been the sun, the fact there are no stars in the sky, and finally, how a lot of the images we have on file appear to be doctored. And this is just to name a few.

This documentary was very insightful and gave a lot of good evidence but also allowed people involved in NASA and other scientific fields to give their reasoning as to why these theories can be debunked. It wasn’t all biased and definitely gave you something to think about.


Do I think we landed on the moon? I am skeptical. The evidence brought to light is very hard to deny and the fact that there is plenty of other things governments have hidden and lied about before why should we trust what they say? It would be very easy to fake the moon landing especially with how bad the footage appears. If we were to return to the moon I feel that would put a lot of naysayers to rest but I don’t think that’d happen seeing as we’ve ‘already done it’.

I think, like many conspiracies, some things are just never meant to be resolved. Maybe one day in the far future when we start building colonies there we will finally find out.

Do you think we landed on the moon?

Until next time.

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