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Fourth Birthday Post!

This week my little website turned 4 years old and I am shocked and amazed by how many things I have been able to do just because I chose to start a small blog 4 years ago. From going to press releases in London, podcast interviews, working with big name brands, and so much more I am so thankful that people actually care enough to read what I love and enjoy.

So I thought to celebrate we would look back on each month of the last year and see what was my number 1 read review of that month!

March ‘18

Knights of the Damned – My ex boyfriend picked this film out at Sainsburys because he liked the look of the dragons in it. I would describe it as a mix of Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and The Walking Dead. And I would not recommend it, read my review to find out why!

April ‘18

Bath Bomb Dyed My Hair?! – A review that is now 4 years old and still getting views! A controversial moment in my life when a Lush bath bomb did in fact dye my blonde hair light pink. See the pictures if you don’t believe me.

May ‘18

Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer – A TV series I found on Netflix which intrigued me a lot but in watching felt like one of those old movies they only showed as an educational tool in schools.

June ‘18

The Little Mermaid Trailer – I will admit, have not watched the actual movie. But who doesn’t love over analysing a trailer?

July ‘18

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 – One of the better seasons of Drag Race. I am still not over Aquaria’s iconic final lip sync.

August ‘18

Saving Poundstrecher – Yes really! Who knew such a niche documentary review could be so popular? In my review, however, it was more fun looking at how society views these sorts of shops, more than what the shops go through to stay open.

September ‘18

Lesbian Vampire Killers – One of my favourite movies from my teens. It may not have aged well but it is great for a few cheap laughs and a look at James Corden before his Late Late Show days.

October ‘18

Fear Dot Com – A movie with so much potential that fell so hard. I think I could remake this movie and make it 1000x better. Read my review to find out why.

November ‘18

KFC Christmas Advert – I mean sure, it was one of the weirder, not my favourite Christmas advert of 2018 though!

December ‘18

Making a Murderer Part 2 – You thought part 1 was good, part 2 is ready to take it to a whole new level. Although I wasn’t expecting a second season to be so good this blew me away and really keeps you captivated.

January ‘19

Naked Attraction – One of the weirder dating shows on UK television. But my review delved deeper into it, questioning is this the future for dating? With dating apps in tow too are we becoming more about looks as a society and are personalities not as important anymore? One of my favourite reviews

February ‘19

Paranormal: White Noise – A very bad movie and surprisingly a review written back in October! If you see it on Netflix, give it a miss.

March ‘19

This month may not be over but there’s no harm in looking!

The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann – No surprise! The biggest crime series to come from this month. Was it any good though? If you already know the case then most definitely not. Read to find out why.

So there we have it! Another year done, I wonder what this year will bring but I’m sure it’ll be full of excitement, laughter, and a lot of wasted time watching terrible movies!

See you then!

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