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Daniel Sloss: Jigsaw Review

I first saw snippets of this being shared on Facebook and it looked very interesting so I thought I’d give it a watch. Now it may not be the funniest stand up routines out there but mark my words it is one of the most thought-provoking.


Daniel Sloss uses this comedy show to talk about vegans, love, and relationships. The main part, and the reason it is called Jigsaw is about how Daniel asked his dad what the point of life is and how he explained life is a jigsaw where you’ve lost the box and are trying to work it out as you go. Now his dad said the main, biggest part of the jigsaw is love, and finding a partner in life. But Daniel argues against this, about how love shouldn’t be the be all end all and how most relationships end pretty quickly.

He claimed 90% of relationships started before the age of 30 end and how a lot of marriages now end in divorce. And he doesn’t berate love or people who want to or are in love, instead he looks at it as something that shouldn’t be a goal. How you need to know and love yourself before you can know and love someone else. If everyone is putting together their jigsaw that means you both have a jigsaw semi put together when you meet and parts of that will have to change to accommodate the other person which can cause a lot of hassle. When you’re with someone they should love all of you and not make you change parts of your life just to be with them. You also shouldn’t assume that everyone you’re with is automatically ‘the one’. Statistically they’re not and how much of a coincidence is it that your soulmate just happened to live 20 miles away?


It may seem a big dismal but the main point to take from this is you shouldn’t rush to find love or try and fit someone into your jigsaw that clearly doesn’t belong there. You need to take some time and allow yourself to find out who you are first so that when someone comes along you may see a future with you can make sure they fit everything you want them to fit. Because otherwise they can take advantage or screw you around and no one deserves that.

Like what Daniel said: if you only love yourself at 20% a person can come along and love you at 30% and you think that’s a lot.

This comedy show may not be the funniest but does it make for some amazing watching. I seriously recommend it.

Until next time.

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