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Isn’t It Romantic Review

My friend recommended this movie to me so I watched it with some expectation. While it is a good movie and a fun watch I definitely think it could’ve pushed harder on the romance cliches.


Rebel Wilson plays totally average girl Natalie, a girl with an average job, an average best friend and an average apartment. She is mugged one day and hits her head and wakes up in a rom-com style universe. Suddenly she is desirable to everyone, her player neighbour becomes her gay best friend and everything in her life just becomes better.

But Natalie hates this. She hates rom-coms anyway and just wants to get back to her normal mundane life.

And this is where my enjoyment of the movie dropped off.


Once Natalie worked out what she needed to do to get back to the real world it just became a rom-com. The parodying and jokes were lost and while I still got that heartwarming rom-com feeling it didn’t feel like a joke anymore. It became almost indistinguishable from movies like 13 Going On 30 and Mean Girls.

So yes while I enjoyed this movie I felt it didn’t amp up the parody enough and I would’ve liked more moments like that. Give me more random dance numbers, more cliche lovey-dovey lines, more ridiculousness. The point of a parody is to go above and beyond and this movie didn’t do that, it just felt like a standard rom-com.

Would I watch it again? Not alone but maybe with friends. Mainly to just gaze lovingly at Liam Hemsworth and dance in my chair when I Want to Dance With Somebody comes on.

What did you think of Isn’t It Romantic?

Until next time.

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