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Sherlock Gnomes Review

I really enjoyed Gnomeo and Juliet. I have fond memories of watching it with my brother and laughing at all the cringiest moments! Now Sherlock Gnomes is good, yes, but I find it to try a bit too hard.


From dabbing gnomes to a villian that uses a selfie stick it was all a bit too modern and too much. I did enjoy the storyline and the characters were enjoyable to watch but I did find myself questioning a lot of this movie and what it was trying to convey to the audience.

But for what you would call a kids’ movie I fully enjoyed it and actually found it entertaining. And in all honesty I would recommend this to people of all ages because there are some very funny under the radar jokes that keeps the more adult mind entertained while the silliness would still entertain a younger audience.


It’s no Gnomeo and Juliet but it’s still a very fun movie that I hope they don’t make another of, no more dabbing gnomes please and thank you.

What did you think of Sherlock Gnomes?

Until next time.

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