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Sierra Burgess is a Loser Review

Oh my days! Oh my days are you ready for a rant? Oh because a rant you shall be getting! Strap in…

Sierra Burgess is a Loser is trash! Utter trash and I honestly cannot believe I sat through the whole thing.

So here’s the story:


Sierra is a girl who is (shown to be anyway) not attractive, bigger than ‘normal’ girls, and a bit quirky and odd. Veronica, the popular girl, jokingly gives an attractive jock, Jamey, Sierra’s number instead of her own when he asks for it. So when he texts Sierra thinking she’s Veronica, instead of correcting him, Sierra goes along with it pretending she is Veronica.

I know! Just you wait…

Jamey and Veronica then have skype sessions, go on a date (to keep up appearances, you know?), and yes this is where it gets bad! At the end of one of the dates Veronica and Jamey are having a great time but Sierra is close by. Veronica offers to kiss Jamey if he keeps his eyes closed and then pushes Sierra to kiss him in her place.

Yes, without his knowledge.

Yes, that’s assault.

And yes, he never finds out!

It soon becomes an issue that Veronica is ‘dating’ Jamey and Sierra becomes jealous. She causes some stupid high school drama that really would mean nothing in the real world. Jamey soon realises what has been going on and tells Veronica and Sierra to stay away from him.

Good! Keep it at that! Get a restraining order if you have to! These girls are insane. Wait out high school and the second you can leave and never cross their paths again. It’s horrific that this movie is trying to say that what these girls did was passable and doesn’t need calling out.


But alas Sierra writes a stupid little hipster teenage song called Sunflower and all is forgiven. She even ends up dating Jamey which is ridiculous and not deserved and such a toxic thing to show impressionable teenagers.

I have never been so shocked at a movie since Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, and that was only because I watched it as an adult (as a teen I thought it was ok). And to think Netflix were fully pushing this on their site for more people to watch, it involves literal assault but that’s ok I guess!

This movie is utter, utter trash and I don’t recommend it to anyone. There are so many amazing, heartwarming, and funny teen movies out there don’t even waste a minute with this pile of garbage.

What did you think of Sierra Burgess is a Loser?

Until next time.


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