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American Pie Presents: Band Camp Review

This was one of my favourite American Pie movies as a teenager because I loved the love story within it, watching it now as an adult, eh it’s alright.


This sequel doesn’t involve our main cast (well, except Jim’s dad) but instead looks at Matt Stifler, Steve Stifler’s younger brother. He is sent away to band camp due to his pranking ways in school which of course is the lamest thing that could happen. But Matt prepares to cash in on the band camp girls by including hidden cameras in the most awful places (including the shower room).

But overtime Matt comes round to the band camp life and aims to right his wrongs and get the girl. It’s pretty simple stuff really with some tomfoolery and awkward moments thrown in.

Watching it as an adult I wasn’t the biggest fan. The jokes were way too dumb for me, there was no one you could really connect with as all the characters seemed to have far too many personality flaws, and the love story that I so loved as a teen really came out of no where and wasn’t really warranted.


With the original movies because you had the whole group you had different dynamics and jokes flying at you. So even if you hated one of the group they could be overshadowed by others and it was ok. With this being primarily a Stifler movie there wasn’t the wit and comedy coming from other people, just the same old gross humour that the Stifler’s are known for. Don’t get me wrong, that humour is great, but you need the rest to balance it out and not leave you with a sour taste in your mouth.

While it’s a fine movie to watch, nothing really to shout about, I do recommend it but recommend the other American Pie movies way above this one if you’re looking for one to watch.

What do you think of Band Camp?

Until next time.

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