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Is This Sexual Harassment? Review

When I saw this on iPlayer I was immediately intrigued and had to give it a watch. What an eye opener! I seriously recommend you watch it too.


Is This Sexual Harassment brings together a group of men and a group of women who watch a series of short videos between colleagues at a bar. After each segment of the story the group talk about whether they believe the man in the video is sexually harassing the woman and what should be done.

It was a big eye opener as a lot of people didn’t seem to think what the man was doing was wrong. When he compliments her on her perfume or puts his hand a little too low on her back or even offers her an extra drink at a work party a lot said it was fine. Some even went as far as saying the woman was asking for it and if she didn’t like it she should’ve spoke up.


At the end we are told that every single thing the man did was sexual harassment which shocked even me. I was amazed that some of the smaller stuff like complimenting her perfume could be seen at such a high level of harassment but, on the other side, it made sense. It was an advance that was neither wanted nor asked for. And it was very helpful being able to educate myself on what is and isn’t ok and how I can speak out against it.

Some of the group said the woman should’ve spoken up if she felt uncomfortable or wasn’t happy but I understood why she didn’t. Sometimes speaking up can be the hardest thing. Especially when the person causing you discomfort is a person with a power over you. However, from watching this programme I hope it does allow more women to speak up and gives them a voice.

Overall this show was incredibly eye opening and fascinating. It helped me understand my rights and how it’s ok to speak out when you feel uncomfortable or scared. It’s always best to know what you can do and how you can help yourself because no one deserves to have the power to make you feel bad.

What do you think sexual harassment includes?

Until next time.

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