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Final Destination Review

For all its flaws this movie was brilliant and even now it still causes me fear whenever I step onto an aeroplane.


Final Destination mainly follows teenager Alex who is going on a field trip to Paris with his classmates. He has a premonition of the plane blowing up and is forced off the plane when he causes a commotion. A group follow him and, just as Alex said, the plane blows up moments later. The group are then picked off one by one in interesting and scary ways that are all made to look like accidents.

This movie brought out a new kind of horror, a horror of everyday things that is always there in the back of our minds but never put into the forefront. Usually we are able to dismiss these fears and carry on with driving to work, swimming in the ocean, or using a gas cooker. But this movie brings to light the very possible horror that you could get into a car crash, you could drown, and your stove could blow up. It’s fantastic and horrific and, even though it is definitely very dated, is still a fabulous movie to sit down and watch.


I think people forget how brilliant Final Destination actually is and how people still reference it in their day to day lives. It can be seen as over the top and dumb in some ways but I haven’t found a person yet who hasn’t been affected by it in some way.

If you haven’t seen the Final Destination movies I definitely recommend them. Yes they may go a bit strange nearer the later movies but the original still stands strong and will definitely give you some sleepless nights.

Enjoy your next holiday abroad.

Until next time.

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