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American Pie 2 Review

Was this the most forgettable of the American Pie series? I really felt it added nothing to the story and really was just a bit of wasted time.


In American Pie 2 we follow the original gang as they head off to the lake house for a summer of fun after their first year of college. Old characters are brought back like Nadia and the Sherminator but that’s about it. The whole point of this movie is to give some middle ground between the first and the wedding. Sure it’s sweet in some areas (and trashy in others) but it really makes no huge impact on the story of these boys’ lives at all.


And let’s talk about the trashy moments for a minute, I feel there are two scenes everyone remembers from this movie: the ‘lesbians’ scene, and the super glue scene. These may have been funny and new at the time but watching it now it just feels so old and a bit gross. This is certainly a movie that has not aged well.

So when we look at the American Pie movies and the ones I would recommend, this is one I would definitely skip. Yes the sudden change from high schoolers to twenty-somethings getting married is a bit jarring but it saves you a lot of time and a lot of awkwardness by not watching this movie.

What do you think of American Pie 2?

Until next time.


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