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Burlesque Review

Wow, this is what a movie musical is supposed to sound like! Sorry Mamma Mia.

Burlesque Movie

Burlesque is a marvel in my eyes of modern musical movies as its two main leads are professional singers. Cher is not only badass but also brilliant as both the character and at the songs but Christina is also fabulous and very over the top. I will say though I found her high and elongated notes a bit annoying at times.

Think modern day Moulin Rouge. This movie is a brilliant two hour ride full of exotic dancing, great songs, and a pretty ok storyline.

In it we meet Ali, a girl from a small town looking to make it in LA. She joins a burlesque house as a waitress but soon gets a shot as one of the dancers. Alongside this she starts a relationship with one of the bartenders who turns out to have a fiancee and honestly doesn’t seem like that good of a guy. I was quite disappointed when Ali ended up with him because I did feel she could do so much better.


But who cares about the soppy love story? We’re here for the choreography, the singing, the lights! All of which were fantastic and kept me fully engaged and wanting more. The songs were incredibly sexy and fun, the girls were all gorgeous and the dancing was insane. It had the perfect level of comedy and sexiness and for a nearly two hour movie flew by in an instant.

I would recommend this movie mainly because of Cher and Christina’s performances. But, in the future, I see myself listening to the soundtrack a lot more than ever rewatching the movie.

What did you think of Burlesque?

Until next time.


  1. One of my favourite films ever! I thought it was gonna be super cheesy and naff when I saw it come out and did put off watching it for a couple of years but so glad I eventually watched it 😌


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