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Scooby-Doo Review

One thing I realised watching this movie again: CGI has come a long, long way!


Scooby Doo follows the gang to Spooky Island where teenagers are changing, well they’re not really changing, they’re being possessed by giant purple alien demon dog creatures. It’s weird and a bit over the top but we’ll run with it.

Soon enough the gang are enthralled in the ways of the island, the secrets, the locals, and even become possessed themselves. But in the end they manage to stop the master plan and find out the mastermind was in fact Scrappy Doo. Honestly, this is my least favourite characterisation of Scrappy because he is just so annoying! Literally he needs to be put in a muzzle, whenever he comes on screen I want to switch off.

But, rewatching this film it did leave me with a lot of questions that I don’t think ever got answered:

Who was the man in the castle turning on all the killer machines?

The wrestler and his bald friend, who were they? Did Scrappy hire them? Did they understand the whole plan?

Who was the chicken man on the beach?

And finally: why cast Rowan Atkinson in a villan role when he’s far too charismatic and nice?


Although this movie did leave me with a few questions it was still fun to watch, just did feel a little outdated. I’ll be sticking with the sequel.

What do you think?

Until next time.

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